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This flagrun2001.org web site is a recreation from content of the original flagrun.org web site that was inadvertently shut down in October 2002. Within days of that shutdown, an unknown “cybersquatter” registered the flagrun.org domain but has never set up a web site using the flagrun.org name and has been non-responsive to contacts with the intent of recovering the flagrun.org name for its original use.

As a result, the flagrun2001.org domain name was registered to allow the web site you are viewing now to be available. To the extent reasonably possible, all references to flagrun.org on the old web site have been changed to flagrun2001.org.

All pages on this web site refer to an event that was over a long time ago, so any pages regarding donations, purchases, or signups are no longer relevant. With the exception of links to include YouTube rendering of key videos regarding the event, the content of the pages on this site is as it was in 2001 and 2002. Some of the links and email addresses will no longer work and even if you find an email that apparently works, the person you reach may not understand why you are contacting them now.

If you find something on the web site that is dysfunctional that is unrelated to failed external links, please send an email to webmaster@flagrun2001.org.

NOTICE! THIS WEB SITE IS NO LONGER ACTIVE!     For more information, read this notice...